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Happy Wednesday, lovers!
This week, I have a extremely insightful Q&A with Clare Lamberth, owner of award-winning Brisbane salon, Beauty on Latrobe. I visit Beauty on Latrobe every month for a facial and couldn't recommend Clare and her amazing team more. I have a fantastic skin regime using purely Ultraceuticals products and have seen such a positive change in my skin since I started receiving facials at the salon. Situated in Paddington, Beauty on Latrobe is an absolute must if you're looking to take control of your skin and achieve REAL results. 

Check below for my winter skin Q&A with Clare! 

Can you run us through a skin analysis for someone who is a first-timer? How does this help you customise a facial? 
 A skin analysis allows up to take a deeper look into your skin. It shows us aspects of your skin that we might not be able to see from the surface visually like deep pigment, true oil flow, water content, weak & sensitive areas. Once we’ve been able to get the full picture of the true health of your skin we are then able to create a skin treatment plan to address the main concern you have. We do that while respecting and strengthening the health and integrity of the skin.

How often should a facial be a part of your skincare regime?  
 Just like going to the gym, frequency is key. If a client is serious about getting results with their skin and correcting their skin concerns, fortnightly treatments are recommended. Monthly treatments are great for maintenance once the skin health has been optimised.

What Ultraceuticals product is a stand-out for you? What product would you recommend universally?
When you work with such an amazing Australian skincare company, it’s hard to just pick one. I’m in love with the new Ultra Dual Microfoliant. It contains an enzymatic exfoliant, jojoba beads and vitamin c granules to gently, yet effectively, exfoliate the skin while flooding it with powerful antioxidants. The skin looks and feels luminous afterwards.
 While incorporating skin care is important, what can we be doing to nourish our skin from the inside too? Such as supplements, drinking more water etc.
The skin is a mirror for our insides. As Skin Technicians, we can see straight away with a client’s skin, if something isn’t right on the inside. Studies now show there is a direct link to skin and gut health especially. Water intake is important to flush away toxins and improve lymphatic flow, as does reducing refined carbohydrates, sugar and gluten. One quick and easy way to improve skin health is to add a high quality skin-focused EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) into your morning routine. We love Bestow Beauty Plus Oil which is a highly-effective organic & vegan EFA designed to flush pores of debris and restore skin hydration from within. The rest is a healthier skin that’s able to respond to treatment much more effectively.
 What is your current favourite treatment at Beauty on Latrobe?

Cosmelan pigmentation peel would by far be my most favourite treatment right now. Treating dark spots & hyperpigmentation with regular facials, and even lasers, can be hard. You often need many treatments, they hurt and don’t always work. In some cases, client's skin tones may prevent them from having any treatments at all due to risk of burns or not being able to achieve results. Cosmelan changes all of that. It’s a once-off treatment which is guaranteed to treat even the deepest, most stubborn pigmentation in all skin tones. Even where other treatments have failed to work, Cosmelan delivers. It’s an investment and requires strict dedication to caring for your skin daily, but the result is beautiful, smooth, glowing, even-toned skin.

What are you tips for taking care of skin during winter? Do our skin needs change during the colder months? 
My top 3 tips for caring for your skin in winter are: 
1. Changing up your skin routine is essential in winter. As the weather cools down, our oil flow slows down too. Team that with temperature changes from warm heating to cold winds and it’s a sure-fire recipe for dehydration and sensitivity in the skin. Summer skincare isn’t made for winter. I recommend moving down a cleanser to a lighter foam or milk cleaner, and up a moisturiser to something with more hydration & protection against the elements. If you’re not sure or find guessing online overwhelming, pop into your local Skin Technician for a Skin Health Check. 
2. Just add water. A quick and easy change you can make to see visible improvements in your skin over winter is adding a hydration serum into your skincare routine. These are applied under your moisturiser once or twice daily to help boost the water content in the skin. They often contain calming ingredients to help with any sensitivity in the skin. Increasing oral water intake can help, but is pointless if water is being lost through improper external hydration. 
3. Down Exfoliant. I see a lot of over-exfoliated skin. Mostly, it's clients in their 20’s trying to clear their skin, but instead, they are stripping precious hydration and causing long-term damage & sensitivity. If your skin feels tight and squeaky clean, you’ve over-done it. Your skin’s exfoliation needs are dependant on your oil flow. Greasy skin needs more (up to 3 times weekly), whereas normal and dry skin needs less (1-2 per fortnight). If you feel like you need to put moisturiser on straight away, or have dehydration & breakouts at the same time, there’s a good chance you’re over-doing it. This includes AHA’s, scrubs and sonic cleansing brushes. Keep them for daily use for AHA’s or 1 x per week for scrubs and sonic brushes.
What is your #1 skin tip?
Sunscreen. Learn it, live it, love it. Sunscreen is your insurance policy for all things anti-ageing in the skin, especially in Queensland (the skin cancer capital of the world!). The most frustrating statement we hear as Skin Technicians in salon is “I don’t need sunscreen, I don’t go out in the sun." - THEN HOW DID YOU GET HERE TODAY?! 5 minutes of unprotected sun exposure every day equals a week of full-on sun bathing over the course of 1 year. I think we can all agree that we get more than 5 minutes walking around on lunch, travelling to work or driving each day.
Sunscreen is no longer the thick and skin-clogging creams they used to be. The sun is responsible for up for 90% of all ageing within the skin. Sunscreen is the best anti-ageing skincare product you will ever use. Choose a sunscreen with SPF 50+ that also incorporates moisturisers and doubles as your daily moisturiser. This will make protecting your skin and helping your skincare work smarter. Not harder, easier. 
 What steps (in your opinion) are VITAL in a skin care routine? 
You don’t need a complicated skincare routine to get great results with your skin. The foundations do matter though. Getting the right cleanser & moisturiser especially suited to your skin is key to everything else you do in the skin. Then daily SPF moisturiser, a treatment serum & eye cream that address your main skin concerns is a great start. Exfoliation (if not in your treatment serum) will also help your other products to penetrate effectively and help keep your skin clean. 

Thank you to Clare Lamberth from Beauty on Latrobe for the insightful information!  
Amber x 


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