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I thought I'd do something a little bit different for this post and tell you about my hair journey! Yes, hair journey. You see, I've been very appreciative of all the compliments I have received on my hair in the past and even now. It's so nice to know my mane is good enough to be complimented! My hair has always been EVERYTHING to me. I'm very protective of it, only allow hairdressers to do a "fairy trim" and I always ensure I use quality products so it's always looking and feeling its best.

Long story short: I had long blonde hair as a little girl and when I hit 10-11, it was a delghtful mousy-grey colour which I hated. It wasn't vibrant, it was dull and had no body or highlight to it. So, in year 6 my parents bought me what we thought was temporary dye. Turns out it was permanent blonde colour and since then, I was lightening my hair to blonde for 10 years. 

I'm extremely lucky in the sense that I did it so slowly that it didn't ruin or damage my hair. I've seen A LOT of horrible bleach jobs done by people who had no idea what they were doing. That was the good thing about being young and in a strict school, I was able to do it gradually without a lot of notice. 

But with the blonde hair came regrowth and LOTS of it. My hair grows so damn quickly and my friends and I used to start seeing regrowth within 2 weeks of getting my hair done. One thing I always hated about getting my regrowth done was for a week after, my hair was so bright that my eyebrows looked SO dark and weird in contrast to my hair. I would have people like, "woah, did you dye your eyebrows?" or "Did you make your hair lighter?!"
No, no I didn't. But the colour wouldn't settle until a week after and I would always immediately dread the week ahead because I knew how ridiculous I looked. I started getting really annoyed/self-conscious about how bright it was. 

So here comes a thought: maybe I'll give balayage a go? It might look a bit more natural and I love how it looks on other people. 
I always said I would NEVER go brown. I swore I wouldn't.
Then I did balayage just before my 21st birthday and let's just say, I will never go back to being fully blonde - I LOVE it. My hair has been darker in some months, lighter in some - depending on my mood and how I get it done. But I'm really loving the darker hair life, it's more me.

In saying all of that, the most important thing is ensuring I'm taking care of my hair the best I can at home. Going to the hairdresser only does so much! I've been getting my hair done with Nak this year and wow, my hair is so healthy & soft. It looks good, feels good and I have a huge amount of products to make sure I keep my hair routine going. I can honestly hand-on-heart say I won't use anything else but Nak. They have the most incredible products and they truly make my hair amazing. I'm always so excited to do my hair because I get to use great products and I know I will always get incredible results! I'll be doing a full blog post on all of my Nak products, how I use them and what they do soon - stay tuned! 

Since I love Nak so much, I've teamed up with them to do a giveaway on my Instagram! You can enter by clicking HERE. Entries close Monday June 26 at 5pm.


Baby Amber rockin' a mullet

Long blonde hair - slowly turning darker

I had been dying my hair blonde since I was 12. I'm 15 here

Continued to dye my hair after high school

For my 21st in 2015, I decided to try balayage! A MASSIVE step for me


Amber x

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