Monday, 24 April 2017


Hello, lovelies!
It's a new week which means I have a new outfit to share with you! I am absolutely loving this look I came up with. It's sexy, cool and it includes a statement piece which will grab attention! I've always had a thing for unique pieces. I feel like you can never go wrong with something out-of-the-box if you style it correctly and this shirt is no different! 

But when it comes to purchasing clothes, sometimes you can feel guilty when you're splurging on a new outfit. Luckily, there are some amazing retailers out there who have great quality pieces for amazing prices - thank you, retail god's! Also, if you're a university student, you can actually be getting EXTRA off your purchases if you sign up to UNiDAYS. I used my account to receive 10% off Dissh for my top and skirt pictured below - which is too good not to take advantage of.

UNiDAYS is 100% free. There's no joining fees, no hidden catches. It's honestly just to ensure you have amazing access to discounts as a uni student. The sign up is simple and proving you're a student is an easy process.

Since it's getting cooler, I love the look of a faux leather skirt in winter and how it feels. It's thicker and it looks amazing with boots and even with tights underneath for the cooler evenings. This top is the perfect combination of everything I love - it's a unique style, it shows skin, I love stripes and it fits well. I styled this outfit with some high heel boots (my go-to to for those chilly nights).

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up to UNiDAYS and score on incredible deals!

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Top & Skirt: Dissh
Shoes: Tony Bianco

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Amber x


Tuesday, 18 April 2017


You know what I love? Soft, simple business shirts. They are the most comfortable thing in the world and I can't get enough. I've been wearing this one (below) non-stop. I think my friends are starting to wonder if I've cleared my whole wardrobe except for this and a couple of pairs of jeans.
Finding a business-style shirt can be a hit or a miss. Some are really hard and don't have much movement to them at all. This one is a damn winner though. I feel like I'm wearing nothing while I'm fully covered up (minus a few buttons, of course!).

I love styling this with jeans and heels. It looks sophisticated and it's easy. This also looks killer with a denim mini skirt and heels. It's just one of those shirts that are universal and extremely versatile. When I first put this on, I couldn't believe how soft the material was. It's nothing like other shirts I have in my wardrobe. Although, if you feel the cold like I do, note that you will be subject to feeling the chilly air.

If you want a shirt like no other, check out my outfit details below!
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Shirt: Uniqlo Brisbane
Jeans: Topshop
Heels: Windsor Smith

Amber x


Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Hey hey!
It's getting chilly in the mornings and evenings here in Brisbane. I'm one of those people who notice the weather way more than your average person. You see, I have a hate/hate (yep, you heard me) relationship with winter and hibernation is my way of life during that time. Buuuut, when I am forced out of my little cave, I do like to embrace winter fashion and put in a little bit of effort. 

I've always wanted a puffer jacket but never got around to purchasing one. I thought it could be seen as an overreaction since Brisbane "doesn't even get cold" - WRONG. SOME OF US FREEZE! 
I've finally jumped on the bandwagon and secured the most baddass jacket alive. I made my way to Uniqlo in the Brisbane CBD and had a browse around their HUUUGE store. I knew I wanted to grab a few things that I could add to my winter wardrobe since I always seem to just layer summer clothes and hope for the best.

 I feel the cold like no other. Heck, I rug up because of shopping centre aircon! For me, I really need clothes that are going to keep me really warm. I am very tolerant of the heat and it takes a lot for me to get uncomfortable in warmer temperatures, but as soon as the first sign of cold weather comes around, I'm ruined! 

So, I'm totally proud of myself for buying a piece that I know I'm going to get heaps of wear out of. Also, it's so comforting knowing I'm going to be a toasty cinnamon bun in this Ultra Light Down jacket of goodness and all things amazing. The outfit below is a super cute and easy way to still look fabulous when it's a chilly outside. I recommend adding stockings if the temperatures drop more than you expected! 

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Jacket: Uniqlo 
Skirt: Bardot
Heels: Tony Bianco

Amber x


Monday, 3 April 2017


Hello, hello!
This week, I've decided to get a bit 'extra' and whip out a gown that will knock your socks off (just make sure you have spares because it's gettin' cold outside)!
You see, a lot of us ladies love to attend extravagant events and dress to the nines - I am definitely one of them. You might have a ball, black tie event or even a wedding where you need to look as fabulous as ever. But you know what sucks? Paying heaps of $$$ for a dress you might only wear once! While you'd be glad you went all out, it's not good for your bank account to have an expensive dress collecting dust in your wardrobe. The poor thing is probably weeping because it was only good for a one-night stand.

You know what? There's actually a solution to this problem, believe it or not. Instead of auctioning off your arm, leg and first-born child for an outfit, you can actually HIRE a dress instead. That way, you're paying just a teeny tiny fraction of the cost and you will have more room for permanent pieces in your wardrobe. The dress I'm wearing below is from a new Brisbane-based online gown hire service, Borrow Our Wardrobe. What would normally be a decent paycheck's worth is made easy with an affordable price. The best thing about the website is you can choose to have your selected gown for either 4 or 8 days. This means there's more time to send it back and you don't have to be rushing to the post office post-event! Hallelujah.

Borrow Our Wardrobe has a range of beautiful gowns on offer, so you can hire them straight away! I couldn't go past their Jupiter Gown - it's an absolute dream and I felt like Jessica Rabbit (my goal in life - don't judge me k?).

See below to check out my top pick from the website and don't forget to follow me on Instagram - @amberlowther 

Amber x
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