Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Long time no see! Jks, it's been a week.
But welcome, welcome, welcome! If you saw the title, you'd probably (maybe?) be able to tell that this post is about how to find an LBD for under $20. I know, it was hard to work out but I think you got there in the end. Anyway! For my past two blog posts, I've been showing you some black TOBI numbers. I'm a sucker for black-on-black so showing you three outfits now full of it, has been the best.

Now, you're probably dying to know how the heck you can get a dress for under $20. It's not just ANY dress either, it's a fabulous LBD that has life-changing magic powers. Ok maybe not the second part but you never know these days. All you have to do to is head to TOBI and purchase this dress for $19.88. Yep, you heard me. No joke.

The style of this dress is unique and I dig it. I love how it enhances my body shape and gives an illusion of a more curvy frame. I dressed it up with my fabulous tie-up heels which I've lived in for way too long (nah, not long enough). 

On a totally unrelated note, I got my hair 'did' and I feel like a healthier me. Yes, yes I do. All I got was a few more highlights and a trim BUT STILL! I feel like life is better because my mane is fresher. Yeah wow, that was too far on my part. 
But it's always better when you have amazing products behind you! I use Nak and I'm obsessed.

See how you can achieve a similar look below and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @amberlowther

Dress: TOBI
Shoes: Windsor Smith

Amber x


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