Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Hello, beauties!
We all dream of the day where our lashes will look like we've just walked out of a Disney princess movie. Ah, what a life, right? Well, you can be a tad closer to living the dream with a beauty service like no other - a lash lift. What is this sorcery, you ask? It's pretty much a perm...but for your lashes. Silicone moulds are applied to lengthen and curl your lashes from their roots. A solution is applied which turns them into long, luscious, magical lashes! I know what you're thinking - she's lying! This is just another beauty fad! I need a snack! 
I could definitely go for a snack too tbh BUT back to the point of this post - this is legitimate and lash lifts are amazing.

I visited Urban Day Spa in Ipswich for my first ever lash lift. I was so excited since I had thought of trying it out for a little while. I wasn't too sure what to expect and how well my lashes would take it but I went in and walked out absolutely stoked! An eyelash lift at Urban Day Spa with a tint included costs $100 and without a tint is $80. Since I have half-blonde-half-black lashes, a tint was very much needed! I was really looked after by the lovely ladies at the salon. I was treated to a beautiful arm and hand massage while waiting for the lashes and tint to set.

I am over-the-moon with my results. I was so shocked when I saw how amazing they were! I couldn't believe how much it can change in such a simple and straight-forward treatment. My lashes are so incredibly long and full. I don't need to wear mascara if I don't want to and I don't need to worry about looking like I have no lashes.
This should last 6 weeks and the tint for 4 weeks. I've already booked in for my next treatment because I love it so much! If you haven't tried a lash lift, you need to do it ASAP.

See the photos below for how it all went down! I will never go without a lash lift again. I'm OBSESSED!

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Amber x


Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Long time no see! Jks, it's been a week.
But welcome, welcome, welcome! If you saw the title, you'd probably (maybe?) be able to tell that this post is about how to find an LBD for under $20. I know, it was hard to work out but I think you got there in the end. Anyway! For my past two blog posts, I've been showing you some black TOBI numbers. I'm a sucker for black-on-black so showing you three outfits now full of it, has been the best.

Now, you're probably dying to know how the heck you can get a dress for under $20. It's not just ANY dress either, it's a fabulous LBD that has life-changing magic powers. Ok maybe not the second part but you never know these days. All you have to do to is head to TOBI and purchase this dress for $19.88. Yep, you heard me. No joke.

The style of this dress is unique and I dig it. I love how it enhances my body shape and gives an illusion of a more curvy frame. I dressed it up with my fabulous tie-up heels which I've lived in for way too long (nah, not long enough). 

On a totally unrelated note, I got my hair 'did' and I feel like a healthier me. Yes, yes I do. All I got was a few more highlights and a trim BUT STILL! I feel like life is better because my mane is fresher. Yeah wow, that was too far on my part. 
But it's always better when you have amazing products behind you! I use Nak and I'm obsessed.

See how you can achieve a similar look below and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @amberlowther

Dress: TOBI
Shoes: Windsor Smith

Amber x


Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Hey friends!
This week, I have decided to introduce to you what I like to call 'the new midi dress'.
I am absolutely diggin' this style and love how this dress is free flowing with so much going on at the same time. When I first saw this dress on TOBI, I immediately thought how great it would look with heels, with boots and a leather jacket or with flats and a fedora. The fact that it's so easy to style is an absolute winner for me. Why have a dress you can wear one way when you can have something like this and go to town?

I've found some total winners on TOBI (you can see my previous post for another fabulous black dress). There's so much available and some styles I haven't come across in general shopping centre retailers. This dress especially was one I couldn't go past. It's perfect for formal occasions and is in TOBI's 'Wedding Guest Dresses' category. Which is great considering how hard it can be to find the right dress for a special occasion!

Check out how you can achieve a similar look below and don't forget to follow me on Instagram @amberlowther 

Dress: TOBI

Amber x


Thursday, 2 March 2017


Hello there!
This week, I'm sharing ALL the details on my skin, the products I use and my experience at Beauty on Latrobe. Before I dive into my review, I thought I'd tell you a bit about my skin history and old habits.  In terms of what my skin concerns are, I have always been quite oily in the t-zone. I'd often find myself blotting my face throughout the day to ensure I didn't look so oily. I also get redness. This is something that I really can't stand about my skin and whenever I wear makeup, I ensure I cover it fully. Don't get me wrong, it's not that bad but it's definitely a bit of a insecurity. I get red on my cheeks, nose and forehead mostly. I also get quite sensitive when using certain products. I've experienced facials that have felt like my skin was on fire, I've used face masks at home which have done the same thing. So I really have to test drive a lot of products before I commit. What's actually really strange is in the past year or so, I have noticed my skin has been a bit dehydrated and dry. Which is crazy considering I also get oily. But I learnt recently that the oil in my skin isn't as bad as I have thought all this time - hallelujah! 

In the past couple of years, I have been getting facials quite regularly. I now really understand the importance of looking after my skin and ensuring I am doing everything I can for it to be the best it can be. I've had a great skincare routine in the past few years and I couldn't imagine ever going back to my old habits. When I was a teenager and I first started using makeup, I remember I would ALWAYS go to bed with a full face of makeup on. Every single time. Looking back, I can't believe I did that and wouldn't even dream of doing that ever again! It's amazing how something so small can impact your skin. I can't believe I would have it smeared over my pillow and wouldn't think twice about what it was doing to me. 

I started going to Beauty on Latrobe in November and I absolutely love it. Clare Lamberth is the owner of the Paddington-based salon and I trust her 100% with my skin. It's so wonderful to put your skin into the hands of someone who completely knows what they're doing, offers the best treatment and who knows exactly what products you should be using so you're looking your best in between treatments. I visit the salon fortnightly and receive their amazing Antioxidant Workout treatment consisting of:

- double cleanse under steam
- ultra sonophoresis, which uses ultrasound waves for a deeper clean
- diamond microdermabrasion, to vacuum away dulling dead cells and smooth the skin
- Healite LED treatment for 13 minutes, this creates amazing strong skin from the inside out
- ultra sonophoresis again to infuse vitamin c to strengthen and replenish the skin
- custom mask and their famous Lonvitalite 24k gold eye masks
- the most amazing neck, decolletage and shoulder massage
- finishes with extra hydration, more antioxidants and high protection sunscreen 

As you can probably imagine, it's the most relaxing and rewarding facial. There's so much that goes into it and Clare always does a magnificent job in making me feel ultimately relaxed and cared for.
As soon as you step into Beauty on Latrobe, you instantly feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. It's such a beautiful salon and you are able to have a seat in their waiting room with a refreshing glass of water before your treatment. I could fall asleep sitting in there, to be honest!

As you can tell, Ultraceuticals products are my go-to. I was fortunate enough to interview their founder, Dr Geoffrey Heber at their Ultraceuticals Symposium in September 2016. From there, I was introduced to Beauty on Latrobe and I cannot be more in awe of these products and the salon. Ultraceuticals have won a number of awards, including Allure Best of Beauty, Popsugar Health & Beauty 2015, Beautyheaven Glossears 2014, NZ Best in Beauty 2014, InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2014, InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2015.

I am so grateful to frequently visit the salon and use the most amazing skincare products on the market. I am truly seeing a difference in my skin and I couldn't be happier!

You can read more about the brand here and don't forget to have a look at Beauty on Latrobe's Services Menu.

See below for information on the skincare products I use and a peek at Beauty on Latrobe!

This is THE BEST makeup remover I have ever used. It's an amazing foaming cleanser which lathers up beautifully and it gets rid of makeup so easily so you're not constantly scrubbing. I use this everyday and I honestly cannot get enough of it. I'm obsessed!

This is a great daily moisturiser that is SPF 50+
Sun protection is so, so important and this not only sets into the skin nicely, but I know I am always protected.

Since I have redness that I find quite frustrating, this is a dream for me. I use it at night and wake up with nicer skin. During my time using this, I have noticed my redness hasn't been as intense. I highly recommend the Ultra Red-Action Moisturiser if you're looking for something to combat it!

I absolutely love serums and this is no different. I use this at night and I wake up with a silky smooth face. It's oil-free, helps restore moisture balance and hydrates the skin. 

This is quite an interesting product. It helps with protection against environmental aggressors, while preventing the first visible signs of ageing. Try this on your skin and feel how beautiful it is once it's rubbed in. Amazing.

Eye creams are the best, there's no doubt about it. I love this one because a little goes a long way. It nourishes and soothes the under eye area and provides long lasting hydration. Yay, just what I need!

I have just introduced derma needling into my routine and it's so fun! At first, it felt so weird and prickly but I now use this every few days. If you haven't tried doing this, you definitely should! It visibly improves scars and imperfections and helps resurface skin texture.

This is the magic I use after derma needling. It can feel a bit tingly but it's definitely doing me good! This is a Vitamin C serum which has a pro collagen formula. It visibly smoothes wrinkles and improves skin firmness. It's so good to use after needling! 

Amber x

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