Monday, 27 February 2017


'ello 'ello!
This week, I'm swapping my heels for sneakers and taking a step back from tight-fitted jeans to embrace free-flowing dresses. If you've been following my blog or Instagram for some time, you'd be aware that I'm always in heels. They are my weakness and I rarely do an outfit post without wearing them! But since becoming a proud owner of these sneakers, I couldn't think of anything better and I know these are going to get a hell of a workout during winter.

I found this dress while scrolling through TOBI and loved how it wasn't just like every other dress out there. I was especially drawn to the hip straps and of course, the opened lower back. Since the weather is still hot here in Brisbane, I still have a solid amount of time to get some wear out of this before it turns too cold. Even then, I could still pull it off with a leather jacket. 
If I haven't yet won you over, you'd be thrilled to know it's currently reduced from $89 to an insanely cheap $22 AUD! How bah dah? Sorry, I can't believe I just wrote that. I hope we can still be friends.

I could have easily chucked on some fab heels and be done with it, buuuut I'm diggin' these sneakers more than I'm diggin' holes...which is never. That would be weird. 

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Dress: TOBI
Shoes: Adidas

Amber x


Monday, 20 February 2017


Oh, hello!
Man, it's been an interesting week for me. So, I had a small surgery last week and spent my weekend having Netflix marathons and stuffing my face. Not much has changed since then to be honest. Is there anything better than spending your weekend on the couch? Nup. Buuut is this playsuit enough to get me off the couch and out of the house? Yup!

I love the style of this. The tassels, the colour, the fact it's strapless and let's be real, it's the cutest thing ever. I saw this on the rack when I was looking for something to wear to an event. My wardrobe wasn't delivering the goods, I was getting stressed, but seeing this lifted my spirits!
I wear this all.the.time - it's perfect to dress up and to wear with flats. It can be worn to events or to the beach. I'm a massive fan of pieces that can be for both formal and informal occasions because they're the one's you'll get the most wear out of and you'll know you spent your money wisely.

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Playsuit: Seed

Amber x


Monday, 13 February 2017


Hey hey!
You heard me, it's a date. You might be wondering when you ever asked me out? Well no, silly! This is just another one of those Valentine's Day outfit posts. Let me start by saying I am VERY single. I am very much enjoying doing my own thing and Valentine's Day is really just another day of the week for me. Don't get me wrong - I'd love a rose and all, but I'm not going to seek what ain't comin' ha! But in saying that, it's hard not to get involved in some of the hype surrounding this day.  

So in celebration of all of you lovers out there, I've put together a cute date night outfit to inspire your own fashion choices this Valentine's Day. I'm going back to my roots by wearing black. What I love about this playsuit is how girly it is. It's off-the-shoulder and it's the cutest style! 
Warning: It's probably not a winner if you're indulging in a feast - there's not much room for bloating. 

There's a zipper at the back so it's super easy to get in...and out *ahem* - sorry, that was too far. Awks. Don't exit, pls.
I wore this with nude heels because nude is life and it balances it out. If you don't have a pair of nude heels in your life, what are you doing? Who are you? What is your purpose in life?
Get on it, gf!

So, Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you get super spoilt! Check out how you can achieve a similar look below.

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Playsuit: Kookai

Amber x


Monday, 6 February 2017


Oh, hey!
This week, I'm showing you this billowing beauty of a dress. I picked this up at the Talulah, Isla Label & Stevie May Brisbane sample sale back in December. I walked away with a few items, this dress being the favourite. Sample sales are SO WORTH going to! I highly recommend tracking down your favourite labels and keeping up-to-date on their happenings - follow their Instagrams and subscribe to their newsletter. Before you know it, you'll be walking out of their sample sale with an arm full of bargains waiting to be worn! 

This dress has dual-layered frills which are super cute. Usually frills aren't my thing  (neither is peplum) but I really love this dress and dimension this detail adds. Let's not forget the cobalt blue flowing throughout the whole dress. This is what captured my attention in the first place - I'm a sucker for blue. 

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Dress: Isla Label

Amber x


Thursday, 2 February 2017


Hey lovelies!
I'm a makeup addict. It's true. If you saw my makeup collection, you'd probably freak out a bit. In saying that, what would makeup application be without the right tools to use? I got my hands on this ZOEVA Rose Golden Luxury Set  (which you can get at Sephora) and I have been trialling it for the past month. Before I go into detail, here's what you need to know about the brush set:

It comes with 8 brushes. You can expect to see:
 Powder Brush, Silk Finish Brush, Face Shape Brush, Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush, Concealer Buffer, Luxe Soft Definer, Luxe Petit (not a typo) Crease and a Wing Liner Brush.
You will also receive it in a large brown clutch with matching rose gold hardware to complement the barrels of the brushes - super cute! I absolutely LOVE when brushes come with some sort of case or bag. It makes it that much easier to carry around and to keep your brushes in the one place. I can also happily take this on holiday and be satisfied with the amount of brushes I have. 8 doesn't seem like a great amount of tools, but when each of these brushes are an absolute work of art, there's no reason why you can't do your whole face with these beauties!

As I previously sad, I trialled this set and did so over the holiday period. I used everything multiple times, tested the durability of the bristles by washing them when needed and gave them a good ol' workout on my face. When I received these, I instantly loved the feel of them. They are so soft and feel amazing on the skin. I've had brushes in the past from different brands that have been quite scratchy, which isn't pleasant when you're constantly moving them around your face and eyes! I'm also stoked with the fact that I've experienced no shedding whatsoever! You'd know how frustrating it is if you've had brush hairs sticking to your foundation - it should be a crime. 

I've been obsessing over ZOEVA products for quite some time. I have a couple of other products from the brand but have always wanted to give a brush set a go. I am completely over-the-moon with this set. I love the luxurious look of the brushes and how high the quality is. The makeup glides on, the brushes blend and buff perfectly and for less than $130 for 8 fantastic brushes, it's not much of deal breaker! Highly recommend giving these a go, you won't be disappointed!
I promise this won't be my last ZOEVA brush set either, I'm hooked.

For close-up photos of the entire set and each individual brush, see below.

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Amber x
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