Monday, 5 December 2016


G'day, g'day!
While it's damn hot outside, it doesn't mean that the nights don't get a little bit of a chill or, if you live in Queensland, you'd be used to the frequent storm during summer which may lead to some north-easterly-westerly-southerly's (I could definitely be a weather girl, right?).
In saying that, sometimes it IS actually cool enough (weather wise, kiddo) to wear jeans. I've been rocking them for events at night and for those cloudy days that will most likely be spent in the air-con because who the hell wants to deal with the humidity while wearing jeans?! Hint: Naht me.
I could be boring and wack on some sandals and a plain t-shirt (which I do quite often, I won't lie) but for the sake of fashion and putting your best heel forward, I've gone with a more 'dressy' approach.

As you saw in my blog post from last week, I am well and truly still ridin' the bandwagon of everything off-the-shoulder. It's a wagon I refuse to get off. You can tell because I've now gone ahead and published this and if you scroll on down, you'll see my bare shoulders doing their thang (meaning: just being shoulders, probs). Not only that, but I am digging wearing two types of blue (hence the title of this post: times two). It looks fresh and it's fun to break it up with different tones. Since this top has a chambray look to it, it could almost pass off as a double denim look - which is still on said bandwagon.

If you've been reading Fashion Avenue for a while, you'd know I very much like simplicity. This outfit is no different: an off-the-shoulder top pared-back with ripped jeans and nude heels. It's clean and extremely wearable through this season and those to come. Seeing this top pop up on my Instagram feed since I bought it, most have styled it with shorts. Which is totally fabulous - do what you want, I dig it. But why not change it up from the norm and throw on a pair of skinny jeans for extra shape? Going against the grain is something I heavily believe in when it comes to fashion!

So take your jeans out of the freezer, steam your top and buckle up your heels: this is your new go-to! If Grease was based in 2016, Sandy would totes rock this, let's be real.

Check out how you can get a similar look below!
Instagram: @amberlowther

Top: Kookai
Jeans: Topshop

Amber x


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