Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hello hello,
You know what's crazier than running out of Nutella without a back-up jar? CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! It only seemed like yesterday that I was ringing in the new year belting out What About Me by Shannon Noll (which I will most likely do again this year) but alas, it is just about December and Santa is doin' his thang - y'know, checking his lists more than I check my LinkedIn account (Santa, you sound a bit OCD) and frolicking around with elves (which sounds like a jolly good time now that I think about it). Since Christmas is literally just a blink and a hair flick away, I've decided to show you how to look fashionably festive! This means you don't have to don your old af Christmas t-shirt with lame quotes on them if you don't really have to. But you know what, that doesn't sound so bad either. You do you, gf.

For those who want so get a bit fancy shmancy so you can impress the in-laws or even if you just want to because you like to look nice, I've got a simple outfit to flaunt Christmas Day. Plus, it also helps with that Christmas bloat - like when you have too many prawns, one too many slices of pudding and half a dozen rumbos (#lolwot). Just beware: this may be an outfit that brings unwanted attention - like your Grandma asking if you have a boyfriend yet. Like every.damn.year/visit.

All jokes aside, this playsuit is going to pull me through this season. It's so breezy and the colour is spot on. I'm still obsessed with off-the-shoulder styles so it ticked all the boxes at first glance. It has a little cut out at the back and an extra overlay of fabric at the front. It's so easy to style and wear (except when you want to go to the toilet and feel weird because you have literally just stripped down to your skivvies and you feel like a naked troll in the bathroom) and it's cute as a button!

So take a leaf out of my book and get fashionably festive with me!
See how you can get a similar look below.

Amber x


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  1. I think it is a cute look for the Holiday season and like you say easy to wear.



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