Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hello hello,
You know what's crazier than running out of Nutella without a back-up jar? CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! It only seemed like yesterday that I was ringing in the new year belting out What About Me by Shannon Noll (which I will most likely do again this year) but alas, it is just about December and Santa is doin' his thang - y'know, checking his lists more than I check my LinkedIn account (Santa, you sound a bit OCD) and frolicking around with elves (which sounds like a jolly good time now that I think about it). Since Christmas is literally just a blink and a hair flick away, I've decided to show you how to look fashionably festive! This means you don't have to don your old af Christmas t-shirt with lame quotes on them if you don't really have to. But you know what, that doesn't sound so bad either. You do you, gf.

For those who want so get a bit fancy shmancy so you can impress the in-laws or even if you just want to because you like to look nice, I've got a simple outfit to flaunt Christmas Day. Plus, it also helps with that Christmas bloat - like when you have too many prawns, one too many slices of pudding and half a dozen rumbos (#lolwot). Just beware: this may be an outfit that brings unwanted attention - like your Grandma asking if you have a boyfriend yet. Like every.damn.year/visit.

All jokes aside, this playsuit is going to pull me through this season. It's so breezy and the colour is spot on. I'm still obsessed with off-the-shoulder styles so it ticked all the boxes at first glance. It has a little cut out at the back and an extra overlay of fabric at the front. It's so easy to style and wear (except when you want to go to the toilet and feel weird because you have literally just stripped down to your skivvies and you feel like a naked troll in the bathroom) and it's cute as a button!

So take a leaf out of my book and get fashionably festive with me!
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Amber x


Sunday, 20 November 2016


Hey hey! 
It's time for an outfit post to kick off the week! This week, I'm embracing the cut-out dress, which is perfect for a summer soirĂ©e, a girls night out or your Christmas party. I love this time of year so much - I'm able to wear fun party dresses without being freezing and I can wear them all throughout the Christmas & New Year period! I was doing some shopping during Vogue Online Shopping Night and came across this dress. I loved the denim look, the back cut-out and how easy it would be to wear and style. I couldn't resist adding it to my cart! After checking out, I awaited the arrival of my new dress, which was well worth it - it fits like a glove. 

I often find it hard shopping online for clothes. Being quite small, it can be difficult to find clothing that actually fits and isn't too big for me, which is often the case. I gave this a go and I'm pretty proud of myself for choosing so wisely! When it comes to styling this, I went simple with a nude heel. This dress is sexy enough and says it all without the need to add too much to it. 

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Dress: Kookai

Amber x


Monday, 14 November 2016


Why hello there!
I'm back with an outfit post to inspire you to get your pins out this summer! I'm a sucker for this time of year. It means longer days, balmy nights, beach trips, cocktails by the pool and being able to wear fabulous clothing. When it comes to fashion, I choose to spend my money on pieces that I know I will wear for seasons and even years to come. I'm always on the hunt for investment pieces and outfits that I can have on rotation for the current season, which brings me to this one! 

This skirt is like nothing in my wardrobe. The style says it all - it's unique, comfortable and it's an absolute head-turner! I'm all for showing a bit of skin and this outfit as a whole does just that. This skirt is a dream when pared-back with a crisp white shirt. I styled it in such a way to give off a more relaxed vibe by leaving a few buttons undone at the top. When it came to deciding what shoes to wear, I'm usually one to go bold or go home, I won't lie. But this look is so much cleaner with a nude heel - it gives off that luxe vibe without much effort at all.

To say I'm obsessed with this outfit is an understatement. I almost high-fived myself for a job well done (I can be proud of my styling, right?)! All in all, there's nothing better than a breezy skirt and a bit of wind, #amIright? But not too much, you don't want to be flashing more than you bargained for. 

See how you can get the look for yourself below! Lucky you. 

Shirt: Target

Amber x



Hello lovelies!
Last week, I visited the newly opened Harbour Skin Clinic (an extension of Harbour Day Spa) in
Cleveland to try some treatments! I love taking the time to have my skin treated - I see it as something that you're always going to get great results out of. My main skin concerns going into the treatment were:
Pigmentation - I have redness on my cheeks that I'd like to have under control.
Oiliness - I get quite oily in my T-Zone. 
In saying that, there are little things that I'd like to have under control. Although I get quite oily, I do experience dehydration of the skin and the occasional breakout. Since I wear makeup almost daily, I find my skin can be quite congested at times and it's always nice to get it treated by a professional to get all of the yucky stuff under control!

Walking into Harbour Day Spa itself was a treat. The day spa facilities are second-to-none, the skin clinic is super professional and everything you'd expect when visiting a specialist, they have a huge salon to get your hair, nails, makeup etc done, a barber for the gents (which is perfectly styled to suit all the manly men out there!) and a huge space dedicated to products where you can shop them straight from the clinic. I can't forget the outdoor area where you can overlook Cleveland harbour when waiting for your hair to set etc. It's a dream location!

Upon arrival, I filled out the required paperwork and outlined my concerns, any problems I may have and everything in between. To do so, I was able to sit at a table with some amazing tea on hand for me to relax straight away.
After  all of the necessary paperwork was done, I was able to take off my gear and get into a comfy robe and massage thongs (usually meant for just the day spa clients, but I was able to have the full experience!). I was then pointed towards their tranquil room where soft music plays against dim lighting and you can help yourself to a chilled glass of water and some nibbles. Before I almost dozed off from being too relaxed, I was taken to the skin clinic section to get started.

My lovely skin therapist, Jordan, was able to create a treatment for me that best suited my skin. The first step in doing so was undergoing a skin analysis, where a photo is taken using scanner technology. This was super cool to watch, as it can determine emerging skin issues and it means that your treatment is completely tailored to your skin type. As you can see from the image below, it shows at what percentage each concern has and it's shown under a number of different images, where you can see how much the area highlighted is built up or damaged. I was also shown what my skin would look like in five years time if I was to continue with my current routine. It was pretty scary! Pores were enlarged and brown spots were prominent. Those are two things that I definitely do not want.

To save my skin from its five year doom, Jordan tailored my facial to perfection. Here, I was able to try a number of treatments in the one go, much of which I haven't tried prior to visiting Harbour Skin Clinic.

My visit to Harbour Skin Clinic included:
Skin Consultation + Deep Cleanse
Customised Specialty Facial including:
- LED Light Therapy
- Alginate Mask
- Peel

Alginate mask. Super scary-looking but ultimately worth it!
The treatment itself was very relaxing and I enjoyed trying different treatment methods. Jordan was very attentive and answered any questions I had and kept me up-to-date on each step in the process. One treatment I will never forget is the Alginate Mask. The first part being that it was totally ok to put over your eyes. My eyebrows and lashes were perfectly safe and it was as simple as peeling it off when it had set. It was such a strange sensation having my eyes slowly black out as the mask was put on. I was strangely calm when the whole thing was on - maybe it was due to my amazing hand & arm massage I received as it was setting!

By the end of my treatment, my skin was smooth and glowing. I walked out feeling so refreshed and confident with how my skin was looking. Jordan applied sunscreen on me to conclude so I was protected by UV rays. All in all, I was incredibly happy with my treatment at Harbour Skin Clinic, the service I received and for Jordan's expertise. I highly recommend visiting and experiencing it for yourself - you won't regret it, I promise.
See your offer below! 

The first 15 people to book an appointment at Harbour Skin Clinic who mention Fashion Avenue will receive a complimentary Skin Consultation  & Deep Cleanse (valued at $70). Offer valid until November 30, 2016.

The consultation includes:
- Detailed photographic Visia skin analysis
- An UltraSonophoresis treatment provides a professional deep cleanse and increases product absorption by up to 1000 times
- Treatment plan to target your skin concerns
- Result driven skincare recommendations 

Get in quick!

Amber x

Monday, 7 November 2016


Hey hey!
As you may already know if you saw my previous post, I'm a fashion & beauty contributor for Wintergarden! Check out how I styled Tommy Hilfiger while chilling poolside below.

Tommy Hilfiger is known for his nautical themed designs and preppy style which has won fashion lovers the world over. Luckily for the men and women of Brisbane, you can get your hands on Tommy Hilfiger designs in Wintergarden!  There’s a range of fabulous styles on offer and his fun designs are perfect to wear poolside! In saying that, where else would you rather be in Brisbane than The Hilton?  Their rooftop pool is the ideal place to sip on an ice cold drink on a hot summer’s day while wearing your new Tommy Hilfiger.

You can read the rest of the post here!

Amber x

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