Monday, 15 February 2016


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So, a couple of weeks ago I got my teeth whitened for the first time. It's something I've been wanting to do for a few years but never got around to actually doing it. Not to mention being overwhelmed with different places trying to offer the best bang for your buck! I gave up and hoped it would sort itself out. Lucky enough, it did! I was more than happy to try out Puresmile, a natural cosmetic teeth whitening company with kiosks in select shopping centres between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. I was going to experience their 'Signature' treatment.

In Brisbane, you can find Puresmile at Westfield Garden City on level 1 and not too far from H&M.
So off I went! I was greeted by a lovely girl who worked there and was given a little pod to sit in. Thank goodness it wasn't facing the public because I did NOT look pretty in the process! She explained the procedure to me and was able to identify the colour of my teeth on a scale and the colour we were to aim for. I was above average (I'd hope so considering I brush day and night and like to think I take good care of my chompers!) and she aimed to get my teeth 8-10 shades whiter.

I was given what looked like a sponge on a stick to clean my teeth with for 30 seconds. It foamed up in my mouth and was just your general minty flavour. After that, I was given this weird plastic instrument that I had to put on either side of my mouth to ensure my lips and gums were away from my teeth. I looked SO funny, I started laughing so hard I was teary. I felt sorry for the girl helping me because I was in hysterics! It's quite the look.

After I finally calmed down and was able to control myself when looking into a mirror, I was given a syringe with gel inside that I had to squeeze onto the 8 front teeth on the top and bottom. While they say to be careful about getting it on your gums, I made sure I went right up to the gum line so there wouldn't be any harsh lines after the procedure. While Puresmile says their services are peroxide-free, I was informed that the treatment I was getting did include peroxide. I was a little worried but then it was explained that the amount used was no way damaging to my teeth. So that was a relief!

I was then given a pair of fabulous red safety glasses as the LED lamp was about to activate the process. The Signature treatment meant that I was to do this process 3 times and have the LED Lamp on for a timed 20 minutes. Within the first 5 minutes of my first treatment, I had a coughing fit because I hadn't quite worked out how to swallow my saliva. It was so gross but kinda hilarious! So that added more time because I had to redo the gel application and start over. Thankfully, I mastered the art of controlling my saliva and soldiered on!

They were very accommodating and gave me a pair of headphones so I could listen to music on my phone while waiting under the LED lamp. After the 3 treatments were over, one last treatment was done. I was given a mouth guard that I had to bite into so my top and bottom teeth were covered in the gel inside. I then had to have another 15 minutes under the LED lamp. After the whole procedure, my teeth were visibly whiter and I was quite impressed. Although the goal was to go 8-10 shades lighter, unfortunately I only went 7-8 shades whiter.

Overall, I am impressed with the results I achieved from Puresmile and would recommend trying it out! As long as I take care of my teeth and stay away from coloured food and beverages, my teeth whitening should last 6-9 months. Teeth whitening is something I've been wanting to do for quite some time and I was happy with the service I received from Puresmile.

Amber x


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