Friday, 11 December 2015


Happy Friday, everyone!
I hope you had a fabulous week - mine was heccers.
I did an outfit post earlier in the week but have decided to squeeze in another, just in time for the weekend. This outfit is super casual and great for hot summer days. Whether it's hitting the shops or the beach, this is a summer uniform you won't want to go without. Plus, it's kinda cute too!

Personally, I've always been more of a shorts-wearing-gal over dresses when it comes to casual attire. I am always drawn to shorts and love how they are super practical and most importantly, I don't have to worry about awkward Marilyn moments in the middle of the street! When it comes to choosing the right pair to purchase, I always go for something that fits comfortably around my waist and covers all areas - if you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down..
I have more shorts than any piece of clothing in my wardrobe. My collection includes tonnes of denim. neutral coloured-shorts and ones that are a little more pretty. If you're looking for all of those in one place so you're not walking around the shopping centre on a mission, I'd choose Glue Store.
Not only do they have plenty of styles, but they're great quality and there are a variety of brands to choose from.
The shorts in this post are Mink Pink at Glue Store. They're super comfy and I loved the print as soon as I saw it! I've also worn them with a white t-shirt with matching sandals. Because of the different colours, you can be lenient with your choice of top, shoes and accessories.

Check out 'Get The Look' below for direct links to the sunglasses and shorts I wore in this post.

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Top: Face Off
Shorts & Sunglasses: Glue Store
Shoes: ZU Shoes

Amber x

Glue Store

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