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As a self-confessed makeup addict, I thought I'd share my favourite Real Techniques face brushes with you! Having good quality brushes are a defining factor when wanting your makeup to look good. Gone are the days when you use the brushes that come with your makeup! It's time to upgrade and start fresh with brushes that will last for ages and will help you achieve a flawless finish every day.

For me, I have a range of different brands that I get my makeup brushes from. The most common is Real Techniques. For those of you who aren't so familiar, Real Techniques is designed by beauty guru's, Sam and Nic Chapman and these brushes are so popular, amazing quality and apply makeup flawlessly. I bought my first Real Techniques brushes a few years ago and I still use them every time I apply makeup.

Recently, Real Techniques launched their Bold Metals Collection. These luxury makeup brushes are available in gold, rose gold and silver colours and are SO soft it's amazing. You can see one of their new brushes below!

To save you time, I've gone through my collection to bring you my favourite Real Techniques face brushes. Read below to see what they're called, they're purpose and how I use them!

Bold Metals Collection: 100 Arched Powder $65
This dome-shaped brush is perfect for sweeping loose or pressed powder over the face to set your makeup. It's so soft and applies powder flawlessly and eliminates any obvious powder residue and avoids all things "cake face". I also love using this as a blush brush as it's so soft and picks up powder so well. Place the brush in your powder, tap a couple of times to get rid of any excess and apply where needed. It feels like heaven!

Original Collection: Powder Brush $27.99
This brush is HUUUGE! While it is great for pressed powder to cover large areas of the face, I like using this for bronzer. This is big enough to bronze my face quickly, efficiently and it picks up product incredibly well. Most importantly, it blends product perfectly and creates a high-definition finish, which is perfect no matter what the occasion is! This brush can be found in the 'Core Collection' and will save you money buying it in the pack.

Original Collection: Buffing Brush $47.50*
This works perfectly for both cream and powder products. If I want more coverage for my powder, I'll always reach for this as it gives a really seamless finish and creates that high-definition look. This doubles well for foundation/BB cream. I'll use this if my other foundation brushes are dirty or being cleaned. You can find this in the 'Core Collection' set*.

Original Collection: Contour Brush $47.50*
Whenever you see my contour looking 'on point' or my cheekbones chiseled to perfection, always assume it's from using this brush! This is perfect for getting in the hollows of your cheeks and creates an amazing contour with really easy motions. You really don't have to work hard for this to work and it spreads the product evenly, without creating a muddy look. I will also reach for this every now and then to highlight, as the point of the brush is a great size to sweep over the tops of your cheekbones. You can find this is the 'Core Collection' set*.

You can find these brushes at Priceline or 

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