Thursday, 6 August 2015


Hey hey, it's almost the weekend!
You know when you have a #cray weekend coming up so you prep like there's no tomorrow? Yeah, me too. You do the outfit organising, have a date with your self-tan and shave your legs, get your brows done and put on every amazing skincare product on the shelves. It's a hard life being a girl, or should I say fabulous?
You see, I don't have perfect skin. Makeup can only do so much and sometimes I prefer a more natural look. For me, it's important my skin looks refreshed and clear on any given day.
There are so many great products on the market that are worth your pennies. For me, I've found products with Tea Tree really help clear any blemishes and my skin always feels amazing after use.

To celebrate 20 years of Tea Tree Oil, The Body Shop has just released a limited edition jumbo range of the 3 BEST-selling Tea Tree products: Skin Clearing Facial Wash, Skin Clearing Toner and Tea Tree Oil.
Tea Tree actually works wonders for your face and smells like heaven. The fact that it's natural and highly effective is so appealing. I've tried these products myself and love them. I love using the cleanser in the morning before I do anything to my face. The toner is so refreshing to use afterwards and is the perfect pick-me-up on hot days. I use the oil before bed on any spots I may have (it doesn't dry the skin at all!) and it's also AMAZING in the bath and very aromatic.

You can check out The Body Shop's 3 best-selling Tea Tree Oil products below!

Amber x

Monday, 3 August 2015


Happy Monday all!
While 'sports luxe' is still an active trend, I 'm going to keep embracing it on the blog. I love tomboy-type pieces and love browsing the men's section in street wear stores. Men's t-shirts are always so cool and draw me in, ha! However, I went back to my roots and found this t-shirt in the women's section! Hoorah, we are making progress!
 I LOVE baseball tee's. They always look so good on girls and can be somewhat sexy. The t-shirt featured below caught my eye on a mannequin in the front of the store. I was like "I NEED THAT!" so I tried it on and here we are (naturally).

I'm starting to slowly transition into my spring/summer wardrobe. It's been beautiful weather here in Brisbane and I'll use any excuse to start taking off the winter layers! I'm such a summer girl and this tee is amazingly light and will be worn to death come the warmer months.

How can sports luxe have a girly twist on it, you ask? Easy. Instead of adding converse, dust off a sexy pair of heels. Don't wear baggy jeans or pants, but wear skinny jeans or a tight skirt. To avoid the tomboy look, chop and change pieces to add a girly flair to the look. It's as simple as recognising what can be added or deducted to get the look you're after. Fashion is fun and it's about creating a look that's your own. People feel you can't follow the trends to be unique with the way you dress. I say otherwise! You can always create your own style by staying within the current trends.

Check out my outfit below to see my girly take on the sports luxe trend.
 You can also shop a similar look, including the exact heels I have!

Shirt: Sportsgirl
Jeans & Sunglasses: Topshop
Shoes: Tony Bianco

Amber x
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