Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Hey Readers!
One think I hate is when I have chapped lips in Winter and I don't think I'd be incorrect if I said you would too. Like, who would even want that?!
It ruins your lippy, doesn't look fabulous and makes your lips feel super dry. 
I've had so many awkward moments with this and it's just plain embarrassing. One day I was wearing bright orange lipstick and was horrified when I saw that it had been flaking from my chapped lips ALL DAY. I didn't step outside for 3 days (totally joking, I had to go to uni). 
Some of you may be feeling a little stumped when it comes to choosing the right products to protect your chapped lips..

But thankfully, the beauty god's have delivered their magic once again and have created some AH-MAZE-ING products to help our lips look fresh and kissable! Not only will they do the job, but the packaging is too cute, you won't be able to resist. More importantly, they can easily fit into your handbag and the flavours are oh-so-delicious! I may have caught myself licking my lips to taste them...I won't lie.

Revo lip balms are super cute, super affordable and super yummy! They come in 7 flavours (yes, 7!) - Coconut, Cherry, Blue Razzberry, Watermelon, Tangerine, Melon Mint and Strawberry.
These lip balms caused massive hype in the US and I had to try them because I just couldn't help myself. The flavours that I wanted to try were Blue Razzberry, Watermelon and Tangerine. I haven't had nicely flavoured lip balms since I was a kid, so I chose flavours that I knew I'd love.
They are soothing, glossy and you will need to control yourself and try not to lick it off as soon as you put it on.

But the good thing is you'll never suffer from chapped lips again, hallelujah!

Info on where you can get these bad-boys and their price can be found below!

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REVO Lip Balms

REVO Lip Balms

REVO Lip Balms

REVO Lip Balms

REVO Lip Balms

Revo lip balms can be purchased at The Beauty Office for $4.99..cheap as chips!

Amber x

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