Monday, 1 December 2014


Hey Readers!
Christmas is creeping up on us meaning it's time to give! It's an ancient family proverb that one does not know exactly what to get a member of the family for Christmas. OK, maybe I just made that up, but it's a reality. I always expect lists from my family members so I know exactly what they want without struggling. BUT! When living in a house full of girls, there is one gift that I know will be welcomed with open arms - perfume.
Ah, perfume. So delightful, so appropriate and so delicious. Perfume is one thing you can not have enough of. Whether it's for Mother's Day, Christmas or birthdays, there are endless options to choose from. Some may see this as a problem. 

What isn't too overwhelming? 
What can be worn for a number of occasions and day to night?
What is perfume?

I surely hope the last question isn't actually being asked. What a nightmare that would be.
Where was I? YES, perfume. 
Another problem is the pricing. You don't want to spend more than you can afford but you want something that is good value for money. Thankfully, this Christmas you can get the hottest perfumes for great prices without even leaving your home..or bed. 
The Perfume Clearance Centre offers amazing discounts. It will save you stressing over a car park in peak shopping times and will save you the stress of potentially breaking your gift budget.

I've made it even easier for you this year by sharing my top 3 favourite designer perfumes:
This is one of my go-to perfumes. It's a very feminine scent and I love it for during the day, as it smells very fresh. It's quite woody and has Cranberry, Musk and Dark Chocolate notes. This perfume is for the sporty, sensual, free-spirited and stylish.

This scent is perfect for any member of the family. It's a very warm scent and is very appealing. It is very feminine, yet classy. Notes include Jasmine, Apple, Amber and Cedarwood. It's the perfect concoction of all things lovely.

This is my favourite designer perfume. I only use this perfume for special occasions because I love it too much. It's fruity, floral and is very fresh. It's quite oriental and is quite a captivating scent. I purely use this for night only as it adds that extra something. It can be defined as also being woody. Notes include Hyacinth, Iris and Vanilla. It definitely one you need to put on your wish list!

All of these perfumes can be purchased from the Perfume Clearance Centre with incredible discounts to rival the biggest department stores. All items are shipped the next business day and shipping costs are affordable. 

Amber x


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