Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Hey Readers!
I'm back with another post as an official DFO Blogger Ambassador especially for DFO Jindalee.
You can view my last post here.
The theme for this post is 'date night'. You know when you've been on a few dates and you've gone through what I like to call, "the jeans stage". You know the one I'm talking about. The stage where you wear acceptable clothing to make sure he's asking you out for the right reasons. 
Now that he's passed your criteria, take this as a way to show a bit of a sexy, sophisticated side. 

Or, if you're in a relationship and your idea of a date with your significant other is takeaway and a movie, take this opportunity to dress up and go somewhere nice. It's called 'date night' for a reason! Let sparks fly all over again and make the effort to dress up. It's more fun that way!
I also added a coat, just in case it's a bit chilly out. You don't want to be chattering your teeth through your conversation. That would be awkward..and slightly amusing.

I chose this dress from one of the stores in DFO Jindalee called 'Minty and more'. It stood out to me because the colour combinations are so unique. I haven't seen a combination like this before and thought I'd be a little different and purchase it. Look at me being so spontaneous and wild! I could live in the woods!
I've been loving bandage dresses lately. For someone who only got a bit of shape within the last few years, I'm starting to embrace it more. I really like this type of dress because it's so flattering, sexy but sophisticated. They are so figure-hugging and sit nicely. Of course this style isn't for everyone, but I couldn't resist! You are sure to make your date's jaw drop with a unique dress like this.

Here is my outfit for date night!

Dress; Minty and more - DFO Jindalee (Minty Meets Munt)
Shoes: Windsor Smith (also a retailer at DFO Jindalee!)

Amber x

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