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I was very lucky to have the opportunity to interview two of TOPSHOP TOPMAN Australia's executives exclusively for my blog. I am so pleased to share the interview with you. I had a wonderful time at the Brisbane launch of TOPSHOP TOPMAN.
If you'd like to see my recap of the night, click here :)
I really hope you enjoy this interview. Definitely good practice for my future journalism career!
What's the best part about being involved with such a successful brand?
 Topshop & Topman are incredibly successful global brands & to be responsible for that success in Australia is very humbling. The most rewarding part however, is the customers reaction to the stores, the product and the service experience- its all for them.
Topshop & Topman lead the way when it comes to delivering the best global trends at an affordable price and the best part is, the Australian customer has access to everything that the stores in London, New York etc at exactly the same time.

   What are your aspirations for TOPSHOP TOPMAN here in Brisbane? What will make you stand out in this city?
 When selecting the site for our new store we wanted a bespoke building that we could make our own. The building we have moved in to has been based on the design of the LA store and seems to have already made it’s mark in terms of delivering something different to the market.
 Topshop & Topman will deliver exceptional collections, that are globally recognized, at a price everyone can afford.

What's next for TOPSHOP TOPMAN in Australia?
 Following the Brisbane opening, we have stores set to open in Emporium in Melbourne and later next year, we will open in Perth

What will customers gain from the Personal Shopping experience you have available in TOPSHOP TOPMAN and what makes it unique?
 The Personal Shopping suites in Topshop and Topman are the best way to shop. The appointments are free with no obligation to buy and are a great way to experience the collections in the privacy of bespoke fitting room and a stylist who will do all of the running around for you. You are not required to queue, the Personal Shopper will sort everything out for you whilst you relax with refreshments. The service has been tried and tested around the world by celebrities and everyday customers, once you’ve tried it,  you will be hooked.

Group Marketing Director TOPSHOP TOPMAN Australia
 What's the best part about being involved with TOPSHOP TOPMAN?
 I’ve worked with Topshop &Topman for several years now and the best part for me is the pace at which we move, the product & design credibility, the fact that an A-lister can wear one of our garments and you can be wearing it the same day. I guess I love how accessible this brand is to everyone.
 The strong relationships we have with the head office teams in London are essential to the success of the brand globally.

 How has TOPSHOP TOPMAN been received by Australian consumers and the market?
 The response has been overwhelming. I think it’s really highlighted the consumer desire for a product that’s a bit different. So much of Australian high street has become homogenized and whilst we respect that customers will always enjoy the brands they know and love, its clear that they won’t accept mediocrity when it comes to price & product anymore.

 What makes TOPSHOP TOPMAN stand out here in Australia?
 The stores themselves are impressive in terms of the product mix, the various trends, the customer service & experience are all big focus areas for us.
 The counter seasonal ranges that Topshop & Topman deliver in to Australia which are developed specifically for us set us apart from the competition. Over 800 counter seasonal lines are developed for Topshop and over 500 for Topman.- all for our Australian customers.

 Being such a successful company, what is it that TOPSHOP TOPMAN look for when wanting to collaborate with bloggers or celebrities? 
 When we collaborate with celebrities and bloggers, we look for synergies between us. A point of difference, attention to detail and leading the way in whatever it is that they do are important factors when deciding who we work with.

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