Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Hey Readers!
I thought I'd share with you an outfit I put together. This is what I wore yesterday when I went to see one of my good friends! I came up with this on the spot, however, I knew I wanted to incorporate knee-high socks. It was a chilly morning, so I thought they would be the perfect addition to a Winter outfit. Please excuse the quality of my photos. Unfortunately, my camera cord broke so I am using my iPhone 5 for a week! I just didn't want to stop doing an outfit post because of the quality.

This is just a small post - I hope you enjoy it! I'm loving knee-high socks. I have a few pairs of these, so I will definitely be wearing them throughout the rest of Winter. Knee-high socks can pass off to be..ahem, explicit. I assure you this wasn't my intention! These were worn for fashionable purposes only, although the idea of knee-high socks shouts sexy.

I've recently seen stores stock knee-high's! So they're definitely on trend for this season. I say embrace the trend! It's fun and looks adorable with a skater skirt!

My knee-high socks are from Asos :)


Also loving this envelope clutch that I received from one of my best friends for my birthday! It's from Sportsgirl.

Boots are from Rubi. I've had them for over a year.

I wore a black t-shirt, black cardi and a navy necklace to match the patterns in my skirt.

I went to MAC and bought Studio Fix Fluid foundation, as I ran out. I also bought the new MAC Nicki Minaj 2 lipstick. It's lilac! 

MAC selfie.  My nail polish is Alpine Snow by OPI

See you in my next post :)

Amber x

Monday, 17 June 2013


Hey readers! (I really need to come up with a new greeting, ha!)
On the 13th it was my 19th birthday! So I thought I'd do a post showing you what I wore on the day and also what I wore when I went out to celebrate on the weekend.
I had an amazing day and shared it with my closest friends and family. I was incredibly spoilt and appreciated all of the birthday wishes I received on the day.

My outfit choice for my birthday was such a classic "fashion blogger" thing to wear. I did, however, feel great wearing what I came up with! I wanted to go a bit more true to my style on my birthday. I'm not one to wear heels on a day-to-day basis. If I had my dream job - working at a fashion magazine, I'm sure I would barely touch a pair of flats again! But until then, heels are more of a night thing/special occasion outfit addition for me! In saying that, I wanted to dress my outfit up a bit with heels. So this is what I wore:

I received these AMAZING shoes from my Mum. As you can see, they're from Zu! In love with these. They're my new favourite pair amongst my collection :)

I decided to incorporate my new shoes into my outfit for my birthday!
T-shirt: Sportsgirl
Vest: I've had it for years
Shorts: Latin Clothing Co
Shoes: Zu
Bag: Tony Bianco

I then went out on the weekend! I love this dress so much. It's fit me well and I love the patterns on it. It's a great dress for Winter!
Dress: House of Wilde (bought from Shugah Boutique)
Shoes: Sportsgirl
Ring and Earrings: Colette

A few snaps with friends. I held pre-drinks and it was a fun night! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Really looking forward to incorporating new outfit post!
Have a lovely week :)

Amber x


Friday, 14 June 2013


Hey Readers!
Another inspiration post is here. These are just some images that have caught my eye that I thought I'd share with you to give you a little bit of inspiration, or a end-of-week-pick-me-up. Whichever one you prefer! I hope you enjoy the images I have selected for this post. 

* I do not own these images. Feel free to source them in the comments section


Amber x

Monday, 10 June 2013


Hey Readers!
I thought I'd do another post on outfits I've recently worn. These are just simple outfits I've put together for nights out or casual days. 
My fashion sense is pretty basic. However, I like to shock people and go a bit experimental at times. I feel like people are so used to seeing me looking so basic, so it's nice to prove that I can go out of my comfort zone. Without further adieu, here are my recently worn outfits:

This was what I wore, had on my lips and what I listened to the other day!
Shirt: Forever New
Denim overshirt: Vintage
Lip Laquer: As you can see, Napoleon Perdis

This was on the 6th June before I went clubbing. 
Top: Stussy
Disco pants: Topshop
Lips: Impassioned by MAC

After working all day on Saturday, I came home to these shorts. They are secondhand and I bought them off a friend :)
Jumper: Dissh
Shorts: One Teaspoon

Clubbing on the Gold Coast a few weeks ago!
Top: Latin Clothing Co.
Disco Pants: Topshop
Shoes: Betts

Clubbing outfit.
Black Singlet: Face Off
Top: Finders Keepers
Pleather shorts: Latin Clothing Co.

 I went to a 21st in April and bought this amazing dress!
Dress: Beginning Boutique
Shoes: Sportsgirl

I hope you enjoyed this small post! My birthday is coming up on the 13th June, so look out for an outfit post on what I wore for my birthday weekend :)

Amber x
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