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Have you ever wanted to know what the upcoming trends are? In this post you will find out what the trend forecast is for Autumn/Winter 14/15. It's exciting, I know. You are probably wondering what makes a trend a trend? The trick to fashion trend forecasting is to look at what the trends are around you. Whether that be economic, lifestyle, art, social and of course, fashion trends! In this post I will showcase three different trends that I have taken photos of here in Brisbane. After analysing and going through different trends, I believe the following photos showcase not just the fashion forecast for A/W 14/15, but the art behind each part of the outfits. Clothes may be seen as superficial and materialistic, in fact, fashion  in general may seem that way. However, it is a form of art and it can express someone and their ability to pick up on such trends or be a trend setter themselves. 

Industrial Evolution
This photo was taken in Queen St Mall here in the Brisbane CBD. I was walking around trying to spot exactly what I was looking for. The macro trend of the Industrial Evolution shouted degraded denim and the whole theme of 'man and machine'. I found Jonathan walking through Queen St. After my eyes popped out of my head from seeing his outfit, I frantically ran up to him camera-in-hand. He was kind enough to allow me to take his photograph. To be able to understand his outfit completely, I needed to be able to link the Industrial Evolution macro trend. With this trend we're seeing these industrial processes delivering durable, functional and trusted materials. It demonstates a soft uniform style, rugged molten coatings and rough factory finishes (WGSN). His use of denim and leather together makes his outfit stand out as a prime example of the Industrial Evolution. The degraded denim and the idea of man and machine are being seen on fashion sites and fashion blogs around the world ( It has proven to be a perfect staple for the cooler months ( The hint of a tar-like finish and distressed denim allows an 'engine part' feel to come along with this trend. Jonathan's outfit links back to the consumer trend of "sell the intangibles versus the materials". We are seeing that it's not necessarily the product that people are looking to buy in the coming future, but it will be the meaning behind the purchase and the "priceless" experience it provided the customer ( This may see men searching for their degraded denim in op shops to beat the trend before it hits the runway. The experience of an op shop may be of more value than the purchase itself. 

Modern Myths
I found Hayley at QUT Kelvin Grove. Her outfit stood out to me as it represented the macro trend of Modern Myths. After researching this macro trend, I was able to do my own trend spotting and found this perfect ensemble that Hayley put together. Her blazer represented the linear floral trend as flower silhouettes and the textural elements of them covered it. The icy, mineral tones in her blazer fit the fashion trend of a 'Winter Floral Story'. The use of floral silhouettes brings a wireframe aesthetic to her blazer and the all-over repeated prints emphasises a very cultural feel.. This macro trend is all about mixing religions and finding new paths to spirituality. We are making sense of contemporary culture and focusing on culture, history and tradition (WGSN). Hayley's outfit represents a very natural aesthetic with a creative spirit ( Not only does Hayley's blazer produce a floral feel, it has a hint of monochrome and a touch of digital printing. This is not only being seen on international fashion blogs, but blogs from here in Australia ( Hayley's emphasis on dark tones throughout her outfit falls into many fashion trends under the Modern Myth macro trend. Dark tones add extra depth and act as an earthy base against tribal, monochromatic prints ( Black and white are effortless, on-trend colour bases and will be incorporated constantly in Autumn/Winter 14/15.

Rendering Reality
Annie was walking through QUT Kelvin Grove when I spotted her. I was really interested in her clashed ensemble. So I decided to go up to her and ask to take her picture. Annie's outfit links to the consumer trend of a Rendering Reality with an avant-garde aesthetic. Consumers are trying to define what's real and what's not within this contemporary culture. This makes it hard for one to understand where reality and fiction both start and end. There is a demand for more of a 'realness' in the world, whether that be within sexual relationships, the recognition of artistic value or honest conversations (WGSN). Annie's outfit projects differing identities and represents the blurred lines of what's real to what's not. In regards to fashion trends, Annie's outfit has an eclectic approach. We will be seeing styling that will look like a mistake (The Sartorialist). The whole got-dressed-in-the-dark quote makes sense when connected to the macro trend of Rendering Reality ( The length of Annie's over-shirt shows to be the same percentage as that of her dress. We will be seeing equally quantified colour, some may be represented in a cellular look, like Annie's overshirt. The most obvious element of Annie's outfit is the pattern-on-pattern look she has. She has clashed a floral yellow dress with hints of green with a charcoal, ox-blood and grey plaid button-up t-shirt. Not only is this fashion trend for women, it is also being seen in mens fashion ( The macro trend of Rendering Reality shows us that more is never enough.

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  1. Hey Amber,

    I really love your insight and researched detail about these fashion trends. It definitely makes me think more about the clothes I wear and what they represent :)
    Also am keen to try these trends out :)
    Mel x

    1. Hey Melinda,

      Aw, thank you so much for your lovely comment! That means a lot. This is for a university assignment but I definitely enjoyed doing it! Thank you. I'm keen to try them out also :) Checked out your blog - loving it, good job!

    2. Hey Amber,

      You're welcome :) I hope you do well for your assignment!!

      Thanks for checking my blog out! I've only just started out :)
      Mel x

    3. Thank you Melinda! :) You're very welcome. You're doing great


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