Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lady In Red - Outfit #5

Hey Readers!
Once again I have a blog post for you from my photo shoot. This is my 5th out of 6 outfit posts I had prepared for this blog. It's been so fun to post these and receive positive feedback from all of you :)
This outfit is so simple. Yet, you can add a pop of colour to make it stand out.
The outfit I put together is a plain grey t-shirt, black pleather shorts, black platform heels, a red handbag and I matched it with red lips. 
I wear this outfit quite often, mainly with flat shoes. For the sake of the post, I decided to add heels, which I would most definitely wear out myself. 
I love experimenting with colour and I think now that it's almost Summer, colour is a major trend that you can incorporate into an everyday look. You don't have to spend your whole life savings on an outfit that incorporates colour. Instead, you can make it more personal and add it in a different way like I did!

I hope you like this post. Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading my posts from this series! I appreciate the support so much :)
Please don't forget to check out Yazzi's Facebook page here. She was such a great photographer, make up artist and editor! She is such a sweet girl and she deserves so much recognition for what she does!


T-shirt: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Latin Clothing Co (gift)
Bag: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Novo Shoes

Amber x


Monday, 12 November 2012

Tropicoral - Outfit #4

Hey Readers!
This is my 4th post in my photo shoot series. There are only 2 photos for this outfit, but that doesn't stop me from doing a post! This is a cute dress that can be worn dressed up or down. Like I have said in my other previous photo shoot posts, every outfit in this series CAN be worn dressed both ways.
 I think this dress is so cute and perfect for Spring/Summer. I have worn this dress to a New Years party and to a best friends 18th! The colours featured in this dress makes it easy to accessorise. Neither of my outfits in this series have been accessorised due to the fact that I want to focus solely on the outfits provided and not so much accessories. However, if you would like me to do posts regarding a full outfit including accessories, then please let me know!

I hope you like this small outfit post. There are 2 more outfits to come your way. Stay tuned ;)
Thank you to the amazing Yaz for doing the photos! Don't forget to like Yazzi's Facebook page here 


Dress: Shugah Boutique
Shoes: Novo Shoes

Amber x


Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Hey Readers!
If you're Australian, you should know that on the 6th November was the annual Melbourne Cup!
For those of you who aren't Australian or just don't know what it is, it is an annual thoroughbred horse racing event for the 'Melbourne Cup' trophy. Who would've thought? Haha.

If you're a girl, you probably see it as a day to get dressed up! 
Others may see it as a day to indulge in copious amounts of alcohol whilst betting on what could be the winning horse.

Unfortunately, I could not go to Melbourne for it. Instead  I celebrated it in my home city, Brisbane, at the Doomben Racecourse. I also got to spend the day with one of my amazing best friends, Hayley :) I also did her make up for it!

So here I am with a blog post to show you my outfit for the 2012 Melbourne Cup! I decided to go a little bit out of my comfort zone and experiment with colour! Outfit details will be listed below.


Meet my pretty friend, Hayley! This is the make up I did on her :)
I made sure I highlighted the inner corner with the same aqua used in her accessories. 
The orange lip was to match her nail polish and bracelet.
I made sure I did a neutral look over the lids, just to make the the inner corner pop!

My outfit details:
Dress - Dissh
Shoes - Famous Footwear
Necklace - Colette by Colette Hayman
Headband - Cosmetics Plus
Clutch - Forever New (on the tag it said it was a pencil case, ha!)
Hair and make up done by me

Thank you for reading!

Amber x

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Turn Neon - Outfit #3

Hey Readers!
If you have been following my posts, you would know that I have done two ouftit posts so far from my photo shoot I had for my blog!
I will continue to praise Yazzi for all the hard work she put in to deliver these photos!
LIKE her Facebook page here

This outfit consists of a t-shirt dress that I absolutely love. As I have previously stated in my outfit posts, every outfit I had prepared for the shoot is able to be dressed up or down. I have worn this out clubbing with heels and I have worn it with boots for uni!
However, for this post I decided to team it with my amazing neon heels! I love these babies. I can proudly say I have pretty much mastered walking in these. Don't quote me though.

Don't forget to LIKE my Facebook page for regular updates! You can find it here :)


Dress: Dissh
Shoes: Betts

Amber x

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