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I'm doing a three-part series on MY style icons. The three ladies that will be featured are people that I look up to. In terms of inspiration and because I admire them so much! As you can see, this first post is going to be on Lauren Conrad. For those of you who don't know who she is, (fingers crossed you do) she was on two hit reality shows, Laguna Beach and The Hills. Although her fame came from reality shows, she's proven to be a hard-working, independent person. She is not only an author now, but also a fashion designer too. To me, she has THE BEST fashion sense. Out of my three style icons I have chosen, Lauren Conrad is hands down my favourite and the one I draw most of my inspiration from. She is the one that I have the closest fashion sense to. I may or may not own the entire 'The Hills' series..*ahem*

Now for the fun part! I have put together some photos that I have searched for. I could probably attach hundreds of photos, which I would have no problem doing. BUT! For your sake and for the sake of my mental stability, I have condensed it down to at least half a hundred. Okay..that's a lie and a half. I had to actually stop myself from saving way too many! 

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One thing I absolutely LOVE about Lauren Conrad's style and what I also tend to do is use plain t-shirts. I love how she is able to make an outfit amazing by using staple fashion items. Anyone can pull off a white tee and coloured jeans. What I love about this photo is that she toned it down by adding brown neutral heels. The addition of a necklace to her outfit gives it the final touch!

Stuck on what to wear? Why not wear a coloured flowy blouse and pair it with black jeans? It's comfortable, fashionable and do-able! I love how she matched her bag and shoes with colours featured in her blouse. The black aviators make her look complete.

Aiport-chic, anyone? Lauren teams a white blouse with dark wash jeans, a tailored black blazer, black sunglasses and neutral flats. What I love so much about getting inspiration from Lauren Conrad is that you are able to get the EXACT same look without going out of your way to find that certain item that happens to only be from an online store that doesn't ship to your country. Been in that boat? I sure have!  Let's just say it would be much easier to get Lauren's looks than Lady Gaga's..ha!

I'm not a die-hard fan or anything *ahem*, but this photo was taken from Heidi and Spencer's wedding. I love this off-the-shoulder dress. The fact that she added a thin, black belt really made the outfit. She was able to colour-coordinate by teaming it with black heels, a black Chanel bag and black nail polish. She did minimal jewellery, which is always nice when you have a look so extravagant. 

What is there not to love about this outfit? She teamed a neutral dress with a light sequin blazer and black, strappy heels! HALLELUJAH!

This dress looks amazing on Lauren. It goes so perfectly with her skin tone and hair! The colours on this dress are so pretty together and I love how she accessorised! 

It was so hard for me to choose six outfits. If you want MORE Lauren Conrad on my blog, let me know.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep an eye out for 'MY STYLE ICONS' PART 2!

Amber x



  1. Le pantalon rose est tres chouette!J'aime beaucoup
    Angela Donava

  2. They are hey! Love how she makes everything so simple, yet amazing! :)


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