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As you may know, Paris Couture Fashion Week just passed. There were so many designs that caught my eye and of course designers - ones that I haven't heard of before. It's always so good to gain knowledge on designers and their background. I always love seeing what there is to offer in the fashion world. Paris Couture Fashion Week is no exception! Although it would be nice to be able to afford all of the amazing pieces from the collections that were presented. One can only dream..*sigh*

Out of all of the designers that showcased their couture collections, my personal favourite was definitely and undoubtedly Versace! Donatella Versace is an absolute genius when it comes to fashion and her couture runway show definitely proved it! Her designs were very feminine and sexy. Her gowns were stunning and very detailed. There is no doubt that celebrities will be dying to snatch up a gown for a red carpet event! Her gowns are so eye-catching and will turn heads, that's a given! Every picture I have seen of her runway show for the Paris Couture Fashion Week have been absolutely flawless. The gowns are so breathtaking and I would definitely be one to invest if the 'money fairies' allowed it. I know, I know "dream on Amber". Long, beautiful gowns weren't the only creation by Versace, Donatella also provided cute, bodycon mini dresses! What I love about this collection so much is that it is so feminine and every piece can really accentuate the idea of such femininity and sexiness without going too over-the-top. What's so great about fashion is that you are able to take things differently to others - you are able to have your own perception, you may focus on something that another may not even notice. It's all about what you bring forward, what you look for and that's what makes it such a great form of art.

Without further adieu, here are some of Donatella Versace's incredible, flawless creations!
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The Versace Couture show was my favourite by far for the Paris Couture Fashion Week! The common trend between each individual piece was the use of pastels and citrus colours. Also for the show, strappy heels were worn by every model on the runway. It was the perfect shoe style to use and matched each look perfectly. Within the gowns, high slits were a common trend. I'm already seeing a lot of labels incorporating slits into their skirts and dresses. This definitely adds something sexy to an outfit. I love every single look from the Versace show! The colours of the gowns and mini's make this show stand out to all the rest for me. 
I hope you loved the looks as much as I did! 
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  1. Elles sont tres chics les robes!J'adore
    Angela Donava

  2. They are indeed! Absolutely gorgeous! I love too :)


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