Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hey Readers!
I thought I would do an inspiration post. Just for something different. This won't be narrowed down to clothes or shoes. It will include a broad range of photos, whether it be nail art, photography or even quotes. This post won't be narrowed down to season either. There will be a mixture of all four! There is no doubt that I get inspired by flicking through a fashion magazine, but there are times where I can be inspired by other things, things that don't necessarily relate to fashion, or whatever the universal meaning of fashion is. When I think of the word 'fashion', I think of endless amounts of clothes and shoes! I should probably broaden my mindset just a little bit! But that would just be an at-the-top-of-my-head moment, haha.
Something that has been inspiring me a lot recently is colour. At this current point in time in the fashion world,  bright pops of colour and pastels are a massive trend. Sometimes I wish I had the artistic ability to design. Unfortunately, I can't do more than draw a stick figure with a triangular-shaped dress! That is where a career option in fashion design ends..*sigh*
In saying that I wish I could design, it can be so frustrating when I get inspired by a colour trend! I will then start to let my imagination run wild with different ideas for clothes and shoes. I really wish there was a way to put things in your head onto paper. If only life was that simple..

So, that was a bit of a ramble. I'm sorry. But congrats if you got this far into reading! 
I just think it's important to communicate and explain yourself to your readers, especially when you have a fashion blog! As inspiring as posting photos can be, I do want to interact with my readers! I also would love you to interact with me! Whether that be via comment, via my facebook page: or via email at:
I love receiving ideas for potential posts. So please don't hesitate to ask!

Anyway, back to inspiration! Let your imagination run wild - but not too wild, that could be dangerous.
*I do not own any of these images*

Amber x



  1. J'adooore les photos! Elles sont magnifiques!

    Angela Donava

    1. Thank you Angela! I thought I would do something fun :)


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