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It’s Summer time and if any time of the year is an excuse to go shopping its Summer. It’s the feel good, look good season and Amber Lowther has the exclusive guide to obtaining that balance.
First of all, we’re throwing out all our Winter clothes and our closets are empty. Top three shops you’d send us to, to get started on a new wardrobe?

The first shop that I have been going crazy over already is Sportsgirl! They have their new collection in store and online. For those of you who are most likely to shop online, they have free shipping in Australia with any online purchase! The other day I happened to walk into Sportsgirl and didn’t realise how long I was actually in there for! I was trying on hats, trying on tops and skirts and looking at basically everything that was in there! The positive is that my Mum got a few Christmas present ideas!

With bright colours being such a big deal this Summer, Sportsgirl definitely has it all! If you want to stand out, whether it is when you’re with your friends in your local shopping centre or on a cute date, then Sportsgirl definitely has all that you need! Not to mention great accessories! Sportsgirl is fairly middle – highly priced. If you don’t mind paying $99.00 for that bright green playsuit, then go for it! If you need help putting an outfit together, click on the Lookbook tab on the Sportsgirl website.

You can shop the collection at:   

The second store that I believe will get you started on your new Summer wardrobe is Forever New! I also happened to be in Forever New the other day and everywhere I turned, there was something amazing! The best thing about this shop is that you can find something for everyone! Forever New has a great selection of casual as well as more ‘dressy’ pieces. You can definitely find something to suit your needs. Forever New has also picked up on the Summer brights theme! So for those of you who are following that trend already, I would definitely recommend Forever New as a go-to store this Summer.

There are three new collections out for Forever New - Moroccan Princess, Palm Springs and Pop Art. The three collections are very different to one another, so you can definitely find something that you like! You can view these on their website. Forever New is quite highly priced. So if you are willing to pay for something that may be a bit pricey, then by all means go ahead! 

You can shop the collection at:

My third and final shop I would send you to to get a new Summer wardrobe is a bit different. It’s actually an online boutique – Beginning Boutique. I have admired this boutique for a while now. I always catch myself looking at their Facebook page and website to see what new stock they have put up! Going through their ‘New Arrivals’ section on their website, I am basically drooling on my keyboard! No, Not really. That would be pretty gross. But my eyes are widening!

There is definitely potential to find something you like! You may even find yourself some cute swimwear if you’re lucky! Beginning Boutique stocks the brands Bec and Bridge, Miss Unkon, One Teaspoon, Wayne Cooper and much more! Beginning Boutique is definitely stocking the latest trends for Summer 2011/12!

Now, we’re in one of those three shops, what’s this Summer’s ‘in’ colours?
This Summer’s ‘in’ colours would definitely have to be what is classed as ‘Summer brights’. The two colours that I have noticed making a statement this Spring/Summer are Fuchsia and Tangerine. Definitely be on the lookout for these two colours! I am seeing these colours on shoes, blouses, dresses, skirts – you name it! You then have your classic Summer colours – bright yellow, green, blue, orange, pink etc. Last but not least, NEON. Neon brights are becoming a hit this Summer! If neon isn’t your thing, brighten up an outfit with a neon accessory. To calm down your outfit, pair it with neutral items! Your outfit is what you make of it. Add a bit of colour to it! Make a statement and be proud of it!

Your pick, what are three essential items of clothing a girl must have this Summer?
This is something that I have been thinking about myself! I have been flicking through magazines and researching on the internet the newest trends. I have analysed what people have been wearing when I walk past them in the shopping mall! The three essential items of clothing I believe a girl must have this Summer are:

A bright blazer – I am seeing these everywhere! It is a MUST HAVE! Add some colour to your outfit with a bold blazer! Pair it with matching heels and you will be getting all the attention.

A sequin dress –  Definitely a must have for Summer 2012! I’m seeing these in magazines and boutiques everywhere! Great for a night out. Get on it!

Tailored shorts – These are so cute and easy to make an outfit with! You can pair it with that bright blazer you just bought! Pair them with some cute wedges and you’re ready to go!

Shoes are a category of their own! What are the best places to get shoes from and what are you hot picks?
Welcome to my weakness! Nothing makes an outfit more than an amazing pair of shoes! Whether they be your cute gladiator sandals, your pretty peep toe heels, or those hot wedges you just bought! I have been searching high and low for the best shoe stores for a long time now and I can safely say that I have my top three picks to share with you! The bold colour trend has been brought down to shoes too this season. To ensure you have eyes on you this season, definitely have a peak at what these stores have to offer!

Zu is an Australian retailer for shoes, bags, boots and accessories and opened in March 2003. The best thing about Zu is that they cater for both men and women for an affordable price. I was lucky enough to find my year 12 formal shoes from Zu! I will definitely be going back to stock up for Summer! I suggest you check out their website and see if you can find something you love – it’s not hard! They also have FREE standard shipping within Australia. What more could you want? Check out the website provided above to find your nearest Zu store! Here is just a taste of what you can find:

Tony Bianco is Australia’s leading ‘fashion footwear’ retailer. Want to make a statement? Then Tony Bianco is perfect for you! I find myself looking at their New Arrivals section way too much. Yes, I have subscribed to their e-mail updates! If you don’t mind paying over $100 for a pair of shoes, then this is the store for you! Every time I happen to be looking through their New Arrivals section, I find something amazing. They also have FREE delivery for all online orders! So get shopping, girls! Here is a taste of what Tony Bianco has for you:

Rubi Shoes is a part of the Cotton On Group and stocks shoes that are definitely affordable! If Tony Bianco or Zu isn’t for you, then Rubi Shoes can satisfy your needs! From flats to heels at affordable prices, it doesn’t get much better than this. As much as I love Zu and Tony Bianco, I happily buy shoes and accessories from Rubi! Yes, they have accessories!! But more about that later. It’s also fun to mix up your shoedrobe a bit and have your expensive and inexpensive pairs! Did I mention that Rubi Shoes also has FREE shipping for orders over $55?* There you go! Here’s a sneak peek of what there is to offer:

*See expiry date on website

So we’ve got our wardrobe, including our shoes. It’s accessories time! Hats? Jewellery? Sunglasses? Bags? Where do we go and what do we buy?
Oh I’m glad you asked! As lovely as all of the above is, accessories really make an outfit! Putting that extra effort into an outfit really makes it stand out. Summer is such a great season for fashion, as it really lets you experiment with bright colours! Bright colours are definitely something that comes to mind when thinking of Summer! So what better way to accessorise than a fabulous selection of hats, jewellery, sunglasses and of course, bags?! Here’s to bringing Summer fashion to you in the most affordable way:


A felt floppy hat! You can get this from Dotti for $29.95.

Pair it with: Some cute shorts and a heeled ankle boot!


A blue cord with gold plates! You can get this from Diva for $19.99.

Pair it with: A bright summer dress and matching blue shoes!


Mink Pink sunglasses! You can get this from Universal Store for $49.95.

Pair it with: A peter pan collared shirt and cute shorts!


This Summer go for an oversized clutch instead of a bag! You can get this from Sportsgirl for $34.95.

Pair it with:  Matching hot pink wedges! Mix and match with browns to match!

What’s your advice about makeup this Summer?

Make up is something that you can constantly experiment with and change, no matter what season it is. But for summer, I think that keeping your make up to a minimum during the day is the best alternative. No one wants to have their foundation dripping off their face as soon as they step outside! I’d say go for a tinted moisturiser (SPF) if you’re out in the sun. Allow foundation to be used at night or on cooler days.

For cheeks, bronzer is so good for summer! If you have fairly pale skin (like me), bronzer helps to give the illusion of tan skin! Remember: You don’t want to look like you just walked out from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

As for lips, Summer is all about bright colours! Get out your oranges and pinks and have fun experimenting! These colours are great to wear all day! I have put together two looks I have experimented with. The first photo is a more natural look: Daytime. Whereas the other is a look that would be best to wear for night! Here are my two looks:

First picture:

Revlon Foundation in 003 Light Pale (SPF 18), Maybelline New York Pressed Powder (FIT me!) in 230, Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara, Napoleon Perdis eye shadow palette, MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick, Australis Perfection Brush On Lip & Cheek Tint in Renaissance Red (Used on cheeks only).

Second picture:

Revlon Foundation in 003 Light Pale (SPF 18), Maybelline New York Pressed Powder (FIT me!) in 230, Designer Brands Beyond Amplifying Mascara, Napoleon Perdis eye shadow palette, MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick, Dior Essential Bronzing Powder in 020 Light Tan, Revlon Liquid Eyeliner, Zazi Eyeshadow in Cool Water.

Finally, a shot of you in your favourite summery outfit or a picture of someone in a Summer outfit you want.

Unfortunately I couldn’t choose one. So I have three outfits I have put together over this Summer that I really loved wearing! I love being able to mix and match with different colours, accessories and of course my!  I hope that these outfits can inspire you in some way! Whether it be the clothes or the accessories! Go nuts! Here are my three top Summer outfit picks:

    1st Photo:
    Corset - Bardot                                 
    Clutch - Forever New 
    Shoes - Sportsgirl

2nd Photo:
Dress - Shugah Boutique
Shoes - City Beach

3rd Photo:
Shoes - Sportsgirl

The items that are not listed above are items I have had in my wardrobe for a long time. I didn’t put them in, as I don’t believe they are necessary. I hope you like my looks as much as I do! Remember to not be afraid to experiment! If you have any comments, feel free to post them below or email me at:! Any post requests will be considered. 
Thank you for taking the time to check out my Summer 2011/2012 post for Miss Rose Prose! Check out her blog at:  

Stay tuned for more upcoming posts! Happy shopping J

Amber x


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