Monday, 13 June 2011



Hello Readers!
I finally have a bit of spare time to do a new STYLESTALKER post!
This post is themed 'Winter Wonderland'.
This will consist of Winter looks that I love. Looks that I want and looks that I hope you will love and want too!
IF you have any suggestions or ideas on looks that you would like me to research, please feel free to e-mail me at:
If you have looks that you would LOVE to share with me, please feel free to e-mail me too. If I love your looks as much as you do, I may just post them on here :)
Thank-you and ENJOY!
Love, Amber x

Seneca Rising Triangle Pattern Tank Top From Http://Www.Pacificsunwear.Com, American Apparel Leggings, Asos Boots, Http://Www.Jaglever.Com
- USA.

Chicy Ring From Http://Www.Chicy.Se, Modekungen Skull Bag From Http://Www.Modekungen.Se/Se/Vaska Skull 13210, H&M Pants, H&M Blouse, Asos Claw Bracelet From Www.Asos.Com, Din Sko Heels, Johanna N Gwang Ring From Http://Www.Johannan.Com, Johanna N Skog Rin
- Sweden.

- Poland.



Hey Everyone!
This is my fashion blog as you already know, but today I am doing a bit of a more personal post because it's MY BIRTHDAY! :)
I’ve had the most amazing birthday! It started off on Saturday night when I had a small birthday dinner with my closest friends! I got amazing gifts that I truly did NOT deserve. I was so happy to be surrounded by my best friends :)
My birthday started off to my parents handing me a cardboard box. I knew what it first laptop! :D I was so excited, haha. My older sister bought me the Limited Edition MAC Lady Gaga lipstick! (The pink one) - SO HAPPY!
I’ve received over 150 birthday wishes on Facebook :| no joke.
Kinda wish people would write on my wall more often..Haha. So thank you to everyone and anyone who has wished me a happy birthday :) Because I’ve had such a great weekend and day :)

Here is a photo of my lovely, amazing, delicious BIRTHDAY CAKE!


Love, Amber x
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