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2 - 6 MAY 2011

Hello readers!
Thank you so much for those who have given me positive feedback about my blog! I appreciate it so much. This is something I do to experience what it would be like to be a fashion journalist. Hopefully if I have enough people reading this, I will become better at what I love to do :)

Anyway, the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is currently on as I post this! This is a fashion industry event that helps designers promote and showcase their latest collections and designs. The designers that feature in this event are exceptional. From Alex Perry to Zimmerman, this fashion show leaves nothing out! After browsing through countless numbers of photographs from the show so far, I have chosen my favourite pieces and decided to write a little somethin'-somethin' about WHY I like it, WHAT I like about it and WHO the designer is!

These are as follows:

113327410, Getty Images /Getty Images Entertainment
I LOVE this black gown by Alex Perry. I love the style of the dress how it is a slim-fit from the bust to the floor. I think the neck line is very different. I think it brings a type of edge to the gown. I love the colour. Black elegant gown..need I say more?

113544241, Getty Images /Getty Images Entertainment
I think this Miss Unkon dress is so cute! I love the mullet cut on dresses. I love the colour - the lavender-lilac colour is so soft and pretty. The ruffles on the edge of the dress aren't exactly my favourite part. It kind of reminds me of a blanket I used to have. I love the part separating the bust and the waist. I think it adds edge to the dress. In this picture I am not quite sure if that is a belt or her skin. Some of the images on the Miss Unkon website show dresses similar to this showing skin and some without. But all in all, I do like this dress. However, I would not wear the dress with those shoes.


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