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A lot of talk has been going on about the fashion at Prince William and Kate Middleton's Royal Wedding. The two people that spring to mind when I hear "worst dressed at the royal wedding" are Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. I personally would not even consider wearing any of their outfits, let alone their head pieces. Let us all have 1 minute of silence for the poor duck whose feathers were plucked for Princess Eugenie's hat/facinator and the poor deer whose antlers were ripped from it's head for Princess Beatrices..whatever you want to call it. The only thing that I find mildy good/appropriate for both of their outifts combined were Princess Eugenie's shoes. That is the only positive thing about their outfits..combined. I wonder if they looked in the mirror before they left for the wedding. Maybe they got their outifts 10 minutes before they left and had to get dressed in the dark? Why they chose to wear those outifts, we will never know.
Here is a picture of their fashion fail:

Enough of them. Moving on to other fashion fails from the wedding.
Let's talk about Victoria Beckham. Personally, her outfit did not do it for me at all. I understand she is pregnant yadah-yadah-yadah, but the colour itself is just depressing. She could have gone for a dress a little bit more elegant. Also, what on earth is that thing on her head? To me it looks ridiculous. The random spiral-ee thing coming from the top of her fascinator looks like something I have hanging up from my bedroom ceiling. Although, I absolutely LOVED her Christian Louboutin heels that she got made for the occasion. I feel sorry for David Beckham. He looked absolutely amazing in his Ralph Lauren suit! Also, I actually did not see Victoria smile ONCE the whole time. She really needs to learn how to smile.
Here is a picture of her outfit (the look on her face is priceless):

David and Victoria Beckham at Royal Wedding

Moving on! The next person I am going to pick on is Chelsy Davy. I like the colour of her outfit, it's a lovely seafoam green. But the outfit itself did not do it for me. This is supposed to be Prince Harry's girlfriend?! It looks like she may need to have a bit of a one-on-one with Kate Middleton about her outfit crisis. I really do like her Jimmy Choo heels. She chose a nude colour which is a great colour to choose when your outfit colour is so bold. Another thing I am going to pick on about Chelsy Davy is her hair! What on earth happened to her hair? Did a bird happen to land on it?! It looks like she woke up 15 minutes prior to her departure for the wedding and quickly threw her hair back without running a comb through it first! Sorry Chelsy, but I think you may have to step up a bit if you want to marry a prince someday.
Here is a picture of her outfit:

Chelsy Davy Chelsy Davy, girlfriend of Prince Harry, leaving her house dressed in a blue Alberta Ferreti skirt, for the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. She will reportedly be accompanying Prince Harry to the Royal Wedding.

That is all for my Fashion Police post! I hope you enjoyed laughing at the fashion fails from the wedding as much as I did! Stay tuned for more fashion posts to come :)
Amber xxx

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